I summarize some experience to keep the site ranked first

3, on Links, when our website ranking good, often Links also add it, many people do not know how to start, because too much Links may be right down, but also to maintain the weight of import every day website, I also tangled in it, followed by expert advice toRead More

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The web page (Home) how to layout

2, home page layout website to update the dynamic invocation section, a content of ancient sites, not only the user to see for a long time will be tired, the search engine will not love, Xiao Bian here is not to say home is the center of the site, isRead More

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I summarize some experience to keep the site ranked first

3, on Links, when our website ranking good, often Links also add it, many people do not know how to start, because too much Links may be right down, but also to maintain the weight of import every day website, I also tangled in it, followed by expert advice to see light suddenly, Links is not much >

2, pay more attention to some optimization details, improve the overall quality of the site, now is not popular to observe competitors? What competitors do, we can also come from. So in the first row of our dangerous, who, who, who have our competitors, we learn this, learn that, if the comprehensive level of its website is not enough, others a little to learn, then a bright spot, your site will one day be transcended, very practical the. So pay attention to some details, maybe others can steal our website content, chain how to optimize method, but the details of other people can not pay attention to. For example: the server stable, every day to update the site map layout, good words, don’t just change the title, labels and other details, more to go, it is important to grasp their own.

a while ago, optimized for a long time, finally put the keywords of each station are on the home page, there are 2 and 3 sites in the first row, behind the same will be updated, but the ranking is not very stable, old people will be squeezed down, then efforts, so repeatedly to toss ah, time consuming, and the traffic is not too stable, in the first 3 fortunately, traffic is still pretty much, but if only the top 3 in turn, I have what pressure, the problem is always off the home page to page second, the flow of less ah, look at feel heartache, money flew go to the pockets of others feel that this is not the way to go, and there are other sites to continue to optimize, not so much time and resources are over here, thinking about how to keep stable in the rankings, a lot of information online, summary Some useful experience, after a period of adjustment, in addition to really love Shanghai before and after the update ranking are quite stable, see a lot of my friends are still grappling with this, I will write down the experience, I hope to help you, of course, each of the sites are not the same, may not be suitable for some sites. Under the hope of understanding.

1, keep updating is necessary, regardless of whether the website article or the chain, the chain might not be so frequent, but the content of the website must be updated every day to update the content that you pay attention to this website, I believe that the search engine, but also to ensure the quality, may not need all of the original but, how have the 1,2 to drop it, this site weight will gradually rise, of course, if you are full of energy, can be more crazy, improve the overall quality of the chain and content, in large forum and blog to send some outside chain, the content is good, often in A5, Shanghai dragon WHY write some soft Wen, the quality of the chain on the table. Not as long as what big problem basically ranking will be very strong.

The web page (Home) how to layout


home page layout

website to update the dynamic invocation section, a content of ancient sites, not only the user to see for a long time will be tired, the search engine will not love, Xiao Bian here is not to say

home is the center of the site, is used to guide users and search engines to read sub page, whether we want to how to optimize the home page, all around this center, this will we must ensure that the home page of the title, keywords and description are accurate and clear and focused.

as everyone knows, homepage is the site right to the highest place, can be said to the weight of the weight of the homepage is the website, if our homepage layout will cause the level of amplification is too small, too deep, but if our homepage layout too it will lead to our website long tail keywords in quite a long period of time is not the ranking, why, because even if the weight of the homepage is high, but because of the link to prevent excessive weight assigned to such is very little, so it is not conducive to the ranking of words, so the link of the homepage layout is very necessary.

page layout information is to show the user experience the best chance to try to be important information network, on the left, it meets the users in the reading pages when it is from below, from left to right habits, if there is login information, try to login information on the page top right corner because it is easier to find the user, but also cater to the general user is placed in the top right corner of the site in the habit of using a mouse, greatly increased the user experience of

home page updatesThe 1,

home page for a web site, a face is equivalent to the people, only in the first time to give "users" favor will want to know your interest, there is little immediate flaws will also be inclusive. As a Shanghai dragon Er, website layout should not only consider the user experience, more important is to be friendly to search engines, home as long as both these two can be a good home, can give high marks in the evaluation of the time, today Xiaobian from simple analysis of how to layout homepage


the above article by the editorial team Xiao Fang idsem published, all sharing only a personal opinion, if inappropriate also please advice!!!

Original address: 贵族宝贝idaus贵族宝贝/blog-269-57.html


home page should be accurate, clear and focused

The homepage layout

It is easy to be ignored right down the website cause duplicate content

again, repeat the above about, pages created too numerous to mention, then there is a page that is repeated, repeated page error page, this does not have thought? The only error page return code is only 404 status code, other state codes are wrong, if you return to the other state code 200 for example, then you think you delete a page to create a page to repeat, so what is the final results of this, think about it, the error page must return a 404 status code, guiding the search engine delete this page that is supposed to do, what other status code not all.

second, website program created a large number of duplicate pages, do not know, there is no one to use shopex, I remember a friend in the Shanghai dragon why is encountered such a problem, and then, when the time is late, love Shanghai has a collection of a large number of duplicate content, namely, Title The content of URL, but different, as like as two peas, and this kind of form, there is a website that is, parameters of the program, there are many parameters directly created a website title and description of the same, that is to say, shielding shielding, screening, such as the city, and so on, some need to pay attention to, have to understand, this page is repeated can be masked in the website design process, but always because of some negligence caused a lot of junk pages filled in their website, etc. To find the time, has included a lot, also have a lot of influence.

in those areas?


first, the website of a large collection, remember there is a saying, copy is always better than a good collection, and a copy of the content, far more than the acquisition without thinking quality content of high quality N times, if the content of the website can not grasp the good, it is recommended that, look for the quality of the copy, at least I also talk about their own as a point of view, contains the views of the article, it’s like, an article method on his own blog, there are friends to comment, then this article is significant, meaningful love Shanghai is welcome, but! Must have meaning to us, the determination to look down.

can not say that the content is the cornerstone of Internet information, no content, where there is widely spread of the Internet, but a website appears a lot of topics, we can not say that this is a great influence on the site, at least one reason chewing a paper to chew a repeat; the content of the main


may have a lot of people know what is the reason, site right down the space, for example, to change the title, the site was attacked, Links etc., it also can not explain or will say, love Shanghai ventilation or the like, but here, said the reason is easy to love Shanghai right down the large number of duplicate content, which is different from we often read the article, I hope to see friends have benefits, and improve it.

Love how to remove the Shanghai safety risk warning

love Shanghai official announced in November 15th the vulnerability detection tool beta version, this tool can detect whether the site was hacked, whether there are loopholes. Because I love Shanghai risk warning is mainly because the site was hacked and the site itself loopholes. So how to use

fifth step left "vulnerability detection

in the fourth step, certified ownership site list to select the query site

Sixth step

, registered and logged in love Shanghai webmaster tools

After the

second, submitted to the site and verify the ownership of the site to verify the specific attribution method visible help documentation

vulnerability detection tools?The first step of

method according to the tooltip to repair their own website vulnerabilities, you can remove the love of Shanghai security risk warning. Love in Shanghai has been constantly improve themselves, which requires us to master also keep pace with the times, constantly follow the footsteps of Shanghai love, so that love cannot be abandoned by Shanghai, in order to obtain more traffic from

from the user’s perspective, this is a responsible attitude to the user, to ensure the safety of Internet users, for the development of the Internet has played an important role. In turn, but for the webmaster, the site is that It is without rhyme or reason. security risk, is undoubtedly a heavy blow to the website, after the customer search keywords show our website, once be prompted to security risk warning, no estimate of a customer clicks on our website, no traffic, all efforts were in vain. How to solve the security risks that love Shanghai

provided by 贵族宝贝dsgzp贵族宝贝/

third, left "site management"

! ?

can detect whether the site vulnerabilities problems (such as the main form of exhibition map)

love Shanghai!The

love Shanghai official updates in September 3rd, joined the website security risk warning function for some website hacked trojan website, web site search results in risk warning. If you click on the risk warning website, not into the web page, but a love Shanghai prompt warning page.

Ignore the love Shanghai encyclopedia add nofollow

love for Shanghai site and the importance of reference or reference for the website search engine importance, followed by.

property of the nofollow off links in love Shanghai algorithm and the role of not so noble baby standard, it’s only love Shanghai to judge a score whether the weights of the relay link. Love Shanghai should transfer the weight of the link, the only criterion is: this link is the user or other websites really recommend your website, this recommendation is of value to the users. The official reference: 贵族宝贝bbs.zhanzhang.baidu贵族宝贝/thread-6294-1-1.html.

, what kind of the chain is a valid


love Shanghai encyclopedia revocation extended reading chain, and give reference to add a nofollow attribute to all the data, I think that the Encyclopedia of the chain is still strong, and the following analysis:

encyclopedia dropped all extended reading, then, standing outside the chain of data I will also collapse, but from the moment I stood in the ranking, the site itself is no effect. In theory, suddenly withdrawn so many links, to a certain extent, have a negative impact on the site. Reference is the anchor text link, extended reading is linked with text links, it can be analyzed that the latter regarding the website function less obvious.

The The

chain has a good encyclopedia, is able to attract a lot of external traffic, the traffic from the 10% encyclopedia, very impressive. From Wikipedia and over the flow of high quality, usually PV ratio is higher than the other source of traffic.

of course, officials usually talk ambiguously, if according to the official statement, then the BBS signature of the chain should be no value, but do enterprise stand optimization know, high weight BBS signature is very useful, enough to meet the optimization of the enterprise stand, this is the way, return to love Shanghai Encyclopedia of the value of the chain, I think love Shanghai Encyclopedia of the chain for the website weight transfer not because plus nofollow as a weight transfer decrease, nor from the chain library love Shanghai removed this point, we can see the love of Shanghai webmaster tools back outside the chain of tools.


add the chain is very simple, as long as you add content is useful, substantial, then add a reference is not much risk. Unlike online say what trick, is to rely on resources.

three and later how to do outside the chain of

two, Encyclopedia of the meaning of the chain

I am not a professional, I occasionally give their website with several encyclopedia. There are hundreds of days and months multiplying, the chain, inside the chain and some extended reading, some reference is added. From the results, the ranking encyclopedia chain for my station is a great help.

The Encyclopedia of the Commissioner of the chain

Optimization analysis of elements of love Shanghai Wikipedia entry page


half-width character """ " "display in the source file;

in Shanghai in search of love, top several of the most is the love of Shanghai’s own products, such as: Shanghai, Shanghai Encyclopedia of love love, know love Shanghai pictures, many people think that this is the love of Shanghai people, but think about it, and then look at some popular keyword search, or website ranking in the encyclopedia first, if it is man-made, encyclopedia articles rankings should have certain rules, you said right? Love is love most about Shanghai Shanghai themselves, their love what you know best, so the optimization of love Shanghai products is the most welcome ranking mechanism, so we do love Shanghai, Shanghai dragon Shanghai, especially sex optimization, it is worth to study about the love of Shanghai products! Radish briefly talk about the optimization of love Shanghai Encyclopedia

, 1, title

2, h1-h6 tag using

6, other


The link optimizationThe a property of the !

radish is simply say some optimization > you see


Title: entry name + love Shanghai encyclopedia, meta description is the first 200 words of the content automatic acquisition, meta keywords, now a lot of people say that keywords has no meaning, I think it should be on the

entry name using the H1 tag, the headings in entry using H2 tags. The last time I write this article will use small title form editing, Title Use H1 tags, small Title Use < strong > tag, this is love the love of Shanghai.


link to the Wikipedia page is written by < a; href=" /" > < /a > a, links to other attribute column page is the < a href=" /ziran/" > < /a, > column folder is part of the spell

said in the code and try not to display < div class=" clear" > < /div > this kind of code, but I see the Wikipedia entry appears in the most is this code, clear code, I never used, I wrote the CSS inside the concrete this code is good or not good, we can discuss.

4, English special characters

display related entries, classification of tags, the extended reading, also add a share function, the user experience is very good to do

display related content

Love Shanghai to reform his own life Mobile search or cancel PC page


webmaster, have to do is adjust their strategy for the mobile web, through the establishment of a HTML5 page or form "in the establishment of siteapp developer center platform, mobile page resources as soon as possible, to ensure that search the advantages in terms of mobile Shanghai dragon.

love Shanghai mobile search principle



love Shanghai mobile search trends

with love for Shanghai station Changsha dragon high-end event, because the mobile phone broke, with the official figure, figure for the love of Shanghai mobile search mobile search optimization problems to answer Luo Xujian.

to determine the stability, mainly through the ability of operation and maintenance

search friendly: nothing to say, as PC, is conducive to grasping and recognition spider.


last week (November 22nd) I had the honor of receiving the love of Shanghai Webmaster Platform invitation, attended the Shanghai love Webmaster Platform high-end salon owners (Beijing Railway Station) "love Shanghai night" salon. The salon is the biggest highlight of love Shanghai mobile search will go public view, this article from the Shanghai love trends, mobile search principle, Rank strategy, mobile search optimization, should say is the most comprehensive, the largest amount of information in an article.

Rank judgment method, you feel:

finally, love Shanghai for the first time to the public display of the Rank strategy (similar to the nobility of baby PR "rating), although more general introduction, but we can still read some clues.

(5) traffic data (see, in fact as long as the promotion of Rank can improve the


(4) service competitiveness, whether to meet specific needs in the vertical field.

(3) user experience, complete function is available, whether mobile interaction. (this is very difficult for small owners, admit it).

mobile search strategy


Based Relevance: text / resources to meet the needs of the user level (and traditional PC station, your content to be useful to the user, and whether the relationship is not possible to reprint).

in place)

(1) authoritative website finishing quality or in a certain field (PC station and WAP station, APP influence each other)

The quality of

love the sea will begin in mid December, phasing out "does not have the only value" of the PC page, to encourage the construction of mobile station resources, to optimize the mobile user search experience. This means that after the mobile phone with love Shanghai to search a large number of PC pages will disappear, replaced by the mobile version of the page.

Love Shanghai on the site of the weight and ranking

The weight of a relationship with the space of commercial

included how many can determine the size of the site, but can never become a weight judgment standard, some sites included hundreds of thousands, millions, the weight does not necessarily high. In addition, included more web site not ranked on the front, but included high site to do the chain, it is absolutely right. Some people do when Links is very concerned about the industry is not have relevance for Google, which needs to pay attention, if you love Shanghai, the same industry Links is not so important. As long as the snapshot and included and their own websites almost on the line, if can with the relatively large size of the website for a link, must also be good.

website ranking in search engine is a lot of concern, Shanghai dragon is specifically for search engine rankings and the birth of the industry, Shanghai dragon ER is search engine optimization experts. That is very difficult, in fact, each Shanghai dragon ER on the search engine rankings have their own experience, today I want to share some experience with website weight is of the website in the search engine. At present, Shanghai Longfeng Shanghai optimization techniques rely on love. Shanghai love a bad temper, occasionally go crazy, such as changes in some time ago ranking, finally restored, love Shanghai internal news release said the server data error. I think we should be able to see, there are some sites in the "wrong" in did not get up.

site, Shanghai will not easily give up love included site, such as Guo Yeye before a web site is do Wuhan love Shanghai promotion, the domain name is not used baidusa, and later because of the space business, ten and a half months are not open the site, the weight will naturally but love is not immediately reduced, Shanghai K, is still ranked, only.

also has a relationship with the weight of the time domain name, domain name for a long time love Shanghai website will be more popular, it is a common and Google, but there is one point to note, Guo Yeye had carefully read the rules included love Shanghai, if a domain name in an industry website, keywords Title description definition is fixed, the site suddenly went on to become another industry, the domain name does not change, love Shanghai snapshot update immediately after a new ranking, this behavior is considered cheating, the initial ranking will be very wrong, but 15 days to a month or so will be K join away, love Shanghai to review the list of sites at this time to have ranking is more difficult, do not know the love of Shanghai will have a black list.

love Shanghai no weight like Google value is PR, so most people have to update the snapshot to determine how fast the website weight. Guo Yeye is also such a judgment, the closer the website weight snapshot date is high, here out of the day included site, some of the guys love with the collection of sites to deceive Links, we must pay attention to this. The weight of love in Shanghai is the main thing is to see the snapshot analysis, there is a ranking, weight and ranking inseparable.

Several forms of Witkey website development tasksshlf1314 Adsense payment has been issued

shlf1314 China called AdSense stop station misjudgment rate of not more than 1%

talk about the whole point of foreign traffic, do shlf1314 Adsense

 : please be good at practical search function of this station. A lot of good articles are hidden inside a man waiting to be discovered, sometimes can bring you a daughter!

representation: rank according to the number of tasks posted. Contribute to Witkey traffic and user concerns by publishing the number of tasks. The amount of sending a single task name. Ensure the quality of the task. Several comprehensive data can be used here

collaboration; some units associated with the task. The first is offline, such as graphic design company, website design company, etc.. The second is the online task related website, which does not conflict with the business form. For example, name, find some parenting website, some design consulting website. The rapid convergence of resources through a cooperative model. Rapid development. Capture the commanding heights of Witkey market.

Witkey websites are booming in china. In front of the time zhubajie wrote "pig Witkey network Witkey make rivers and lakes" mentioned in some form of Witkey website development.

    National Day approaching, shlf1314 Adsense finally issued, you can catch up with the National Day holiday in the early bank to cash their efforts for a month, on behalf of the vast number of webmaster thank shlf1314 Adsense.

is currently the Three Kingdoms. But there are a lot of mobile wallet, the market received the potential entrants. At present, some Witkey websites are also making great efforts to develop. Can be expected in the next 1-2 years, the winner will see the outcome of Witkey market.

‘s angry cry: questions about the shlf1314 AdSense China team

sort out some recent articles on Adsense:

The premise of

partners is: offline companies, cost savings.

latest shlf1314 Adsense application method

Witkey website mainly has traffic, there are enough users. Low cost design solutions are available. These characteristics are to enable cooperation to achieve win-win goal.

The goal of the

Witkey website is to get the job. There are several possible ideas for getting a job:

function system: developing a function similar to "creating team". Cooperative companies can be created freely or created by webmasters.

3 collaboration model

The premise of cooperation between

1 cooperative object

Witkey website cooperation is: in order to obtain the task.

1. A single user submits a task. This form of business is online, and A needs to design a logo. In the pig quit online job. This form is the main source of the task of Witkey websites. Mainly on line.

two, through cooperation, get the task. For example, by working with a local design company. The design company releases the design through a web site assignment. And the web site gets the job. Such long-term and stable cooperation will bring infinite strength to the development of the website. But the current drawback is that the site provides only a single company’s thematic channels, or publish channels, or through similar tasks as a single user. Such a treatment impedes the development of the form of "cooperation, access to tasks". Increased development costs. Solve this problem, you can refer to the current network of some of the cases for analysis and resolution.

online website, expanding the popularity of the website. Add a profit model.

2 premise of cooperation

The object of an

    send a collect picture:

Love Shanghai as long as the user experience of these elements and the significance of Shanghai Drag

1, snapshot

official: "meta key> LEE

LEE love Shanghai "has been part of the webmaster update time for love in Shanghai snapshot there are some misunderstanding, that there is a certain relationship between the website snapshot update time and the weight of the website, the more frequently updated snapshot, the higher the weight of the site, whereas the lower. In fact, there is no direct relationship between the frequency and the weight of the site snapshot update."


issued a statement in the love of Shanghai, all of the basic weight adjustment and anti cheating mechanism cannot do without the user experience. Talk about the user experience is not wrong, because the user experience is the site of the target, and the goal of search engine. Shanghai Longfeng development so far, many Shanghai Longfeng elements are optimized as the optimization method and reference value. These elements are in love with the sea now deny the role and significance of reference and optimization of

Although the

said, but in fact very big. Write a good label, is very important to improve the web site in the search engine’s entry rate. I love Shanghai for writing advertisements, Shanghai dragon should also focus on this label role. First of all description tags will be displayed directly on the search page description, as long as you describe the user can grasp, even if you are not in the first row, but also can improve the rate of entry point. On the other hand, in the search, and search keywords in description tags inside the same words, will also be able to add red, very eye-catching to attract the user’s attention. We all know that the site in the higher rate, will improve the site in the search engine rankings. So even if the description tag can not directly affect the weight of the website, but also from the side effect to the weight of the website ranking.


love Shanghai in exchange links in a snapshot as an important standard to judge the weights of the website. Now after being denied, whether there is a reference value. I personally feel that there is indeed not even snapshot snapshot, but a constantly updated and healthy website snapshot are generally in recent days. This can also be seen from the side with degree of the site’s webmaster, you do not want to talk to a day not update, hung there website Links. And the site with the weight will also enrich the content gradually increased. In any case, the snapshot update frequently is really meaningful. So, as the Shanghai dragon, really should not fall under the reference standard.

3, keywords

2, description

love Shanghai search engine optimization guide "description is not a reference factor weight calculation, this tag does not affect the existence of" weight, will only do search for a target selection results summary".

?The reference value of

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