Do Shanghai dragon from the user’s perspective, the user that is really good

from the user’s point of view to do Shanghai dragon is to do user experience. Here the user experience includes several points: 1, 2, the use of color design, the quality of the content of 3. the establishment of the target is not clear, do not know this website toRead More

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Forum signature of Shanghai dragon really useful or not

A5 because of restrictions on the forum signature words, I have to put many links so, then there is love in Shanghai included such a domain name, so from this phenomenon, we can get the following conclusions:   In 2013 My signature is a way to promote the promotion ofRead More

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Do Shanghai dragon from the user’s perspective, the user that is really good

from the user’s point of view to do Shanghai dragon is to do user experience. Here the user experience includes several points: 1, 2, the use of color design, the quality of the content of 3.

the establishment of the target is not clear, do not know this website to do what, just want to do the traffic to make money. So don’t have to consider this issue, but the problem is your website survival important point. Any one of the users search information on the Internet is that they want to solve the problem, if your website content is presented just for him to solve this problem, then the user will be on your site. If the content of your website does not solve the problem for him, he is not deep impression on your web site. Let me give an example: if the user A, he search "site optimization service" in the search engine, the search engine returns the first page content information includes: providing the services of the company name, company, address, contact information, service case, service period, quotation and website optimization related information other related content. In the search engine results second pages of content information is simply introduced and some news and information company. That is obviously the first site presents to the user’s content for the user to solve this problem. Second the content of the website is not. So the search engine will think the first website can be better for the user to solve the problem of website optimization service ", the ranking is good. We do Shanghai, too, as long as it can solve the problem for the user to provide effective information for the users, our website in search engine ranking will be good. The title of the document ranking is not good because of this reason, wide of the mark. This page also further deceive search engine, will be a serious punishment of the search engine. Here we all understand for the user to solve the problem, the Shanghai dragon how important.

?Many people

also has a very simple and clear statement, we do this in the Internet on the user experience that is: how do you think is cool, how we do. Indeed, only the user can truly know your user experience doing. If a web site to a user do not want to go to the second times, the proof of your website to do badly, the user does not love, search engine is no love.

, your site users can solve the problem of what

on the Internet, there is a word we are not unfamiliar, that is: user experience. The definition of user experience in Wikipedia is: user experience (User Experience, referred to as UE) is a kind of pure subjective user use the product process in built up feeling. But for a clear definition of the user groups speaking, the user experience is the common through good design experiments to realize.

from the user’s point of view to do Shanghai dragon, but also to do the following two points, but I think the more important points.

Forum signature of Shanghai dragon really useful or not

A5 because of restrictions on the forum signature words, I have to put many links so, then there is love in Shanghai included such a domain name, so from this phenomenon, we can get the following conclusions:


In 2013 My

signature is a way to promote the promotion of Shanghai dragon is often used, all of the signature function is Public opinions are divergent. Some people say that the signature has no effect, love Shanghai for signature has been adjusted; and some people say that the signature or work, because it is a chain, spiders can still climb to the…… This series of answers, but we are a lack of conclusive evidence to prove the signature effect, a phenomenon the author encountered:

2, Shanghai dragon must promote the absolute address: as above, if you use absolute address, there is a way to avoid the phenomenon.

3, ordinary text links have a role: before we do optimization promotion focus only on the hyperlink, actually search engine for ordinary text links is also useful.

1, the signature or signature of some: before we almost gave up, actually the signature or some role, but according to the different weights of the forum, the size is different.


is very puzzling, although I have a domain name to do the analytical, and above IIS is bound to an empty domain, but the domain name I have really no analysis, no promotion, no optimization, but love why Shanghai included this domain? I think, I think in the A5 forum signature seems to have such links, then open the A5 forum, to find the signature file, see the results. Figure:

this morning I check the site, not directly found this included, as shown in figure

, we do Shanghai Longfeng should pay more attention to the details, because the details determine success or failure, let us with love Shanghai jump to do Shanghai Longfeng, 2013 in Shanghai Longfeng on the road to do better. In this paper the author Henan network (贵族宝贝yuduxx贵族宝贝/) small Adidas, the view of the article are original, for reprint articles, please indicate the source, thank you


Examples of common errors analysis of small and medium sized enterprises station optimization

content and long tail word

The word around




the second weight enterprise station Co., to do the long tail words, can be filled.

also, I also found a pile of Changsha counterparts "area + products" at the bottom of the website, although the website in search of Xiangtan parking lock, ranked in the top three home page. But the main keywords almost no ranking, it is the establishment of specialized lost watermelon.

The optimization of

, a keyword stuffing

enterprise station in the optimization keywords, in the content construction will play into this misunderstanding. The content is yellow, refers to the quality of the content is useful to the user. Not the entire site filled with XXX and how to improve the sales of "XX", build the first domestic brand "marketing articles. The parking lock this website, made the content and update error.

summary: relatively speaking, no keyword density words appear important position, then the entire page correlation are far more than the important keyword density. The optimization of the enterprise stand, really not necessary at the top and bottom of the copyright area stack keywords, is likely to be counterproductive.

2, the long tail word


has been a very long time service enterprises, combined with the optimization of their site and peer site, to talk about some misunderstanding of the idea of the enterprise stand optimization. Not much less similar to the home page map text, page flash, frame structure and so on these.

is used to do the correct use of disaster caused by flooding water, plus effect of ranking. The author observed a few car parking lock company website, found the love stack keywords. The most typical is the top, the bottom of the copyright area piled up the main keywords, as shown below.

counterparts at the bottom of a pile of product keywords, which are counterproductive, I love to see the site Shanghai flow was only 1. compared to almost no search over the flow.

1, the content of direction and frequency of updates


I think the long tail word theory more suitable for some stations, such as Alibaba, 58 city and other similar sites. The small and medium-sized enterprise station hundreds of pages, then how to do the long tail, the traffic is very small. Dedicated parking spaces such as the author of the two or three lock keyword index, you get home, and then use the channel page optimization related words of low difficulty basically is almost the same.

update frequency for the enterprise, to see competitors, and determine its content and the enterprise website. As the old station, basically a week to update a, but still maintain a good ranking.

Hematemesis share website optimization five steps

cool original, starting ADMIN5, please keep the chain.



ER in Shanghai Longfeng website optimization, have learned a lot about Shanghai Dragon technology although before, but when the real time receiving website, do not know how to start the optimization, Shanghai dragon details very much, do not know the first optimization which part here is to summarize the optimization of my personal experience.

five: reverse link strategy

keywords can be regarded as the optimization of the whole site in the soul, if it is the wrong choice early keywords, so after work is in vain, so the location of the web site keywords is the most important step, here can use third Fang Gong, for example, Shanghai love love Shanghai related search index Google keyword tool, etc..

two: the internal structure of the internal structure of


2, although the rich content is very important, but do not be collected, must be appropriate to add original content, after the website with original content, its weight, ranking will slowly increase, the search engine has now for the original content of the website are given a certain weight.

This paper consists of

four: "the details of the optimization

website optimization five: just follow the steps to implement, believe that the site can be achieved in an unexpected level, each Shanghai dragon ER should avoid, optimize the site must be in accordance with the plan to implement.

Another way to the shallow layer of Shanghai Dragon

through 2 steps

what is the article of shallow, I explained as follows: to reduce the content of the page to grab a spider crawling depth, can be increased for the capture of the spider page entrance, can play a great exposure Shanghai dragon manipulation.


article on the shallow layer, is a new task to Shanghai dragon, now Shanghai Dragon Technology stagnated, I hope to have more technology, but not the unchanged for thousands of years.

3, because it is through the shallow layer, so it had a label classification, give more

2, the increase of independent shallow classification, all the love of spiders in Shanghai can reach

4, better if this article is concentrated forms of love Shanghai, love Shanghai included, the spider will for all articles blog continuously updated index by the previous database.

in our daily operation, also use a lot of the technique of shallow, but we have no specific classified he summarized and even with a gimmick. After Guangzhou Shanghai dragon blogger constantly try to find the shallow for Shanghai dragon’s great meaning, like the original article, such as the high quality chain.

then, I’ll mention the navigation, navigation can not only play the role of navigation for users, more conducive to the article of shallow. For example, A5 forum, webmaster BBS is directly on the navigation some plates on the one hand for Adsense irrigation, is a key to exposure. My blog also used this, in my blog article navigation on the list of the list of all the basic classification.

spider crawling entrance

address: 贵族宝贝 Shanghai dragon

1, the home strip spider love Shanghai not climb, seriously affected the early articles collected again, resulting in weight loss of old content pages.

Zhu Hui’s blog (www. Shanghai dragon as an example: the blog page increases the various forms of the list, such as random article list, the latest articles list. This is our most common article shallow techniques, basically all the web sites use this form, just because it is accustomed to being overlooked the importance of the road to Jane, these are actually Shanghai dragon predecessors have passed down that is deeply rooted in our minds of Shanghai. Phoenix technology.

Copyright: reprint the original declaration: welcome to reprint, but retained the original address please reprint.

I finally say is an important article of how to do professional shallow, do the gray cap. In my blog as an example, I created the shallow classification of articles, each over a period of time I will article together as an article published. Why do so, the reasons are as follows:

Do website optimization vote ranking algorithm

users for the main website optimization, is the master of all network marketing activities, to meet the maximum needs of users is our Shanghai dragon optimization of the starting point, and obtain the user score voting is all our actions to optimize. Get the user voting score in fact or to vote, vote for the page keywords based, targeted user recommendation, in order to attract users click and stop etc.. But for different types of websites, we use user >


third, we want to know the user voting score.

search engine ranking list according to the demands of the users of the site within the page, keywords and user recommendation vote score, in order to improve website ranking.

is now in the network site is Shuyiwanlai calculation, and with the industry enterprise website also meet the eye everywhere. If your site is a new site, so you want to break the old domain name website in key words, the difficulty is inevitable. So how to catch up from behind, it is necessary to do the bright younger generation? We master the search engine ranking list page voting score.

first, we try to understand the web site keywords voting score.

algorithm is the key of our voting website based optimization, but also enhance the main post optimization rankings across the needle. We mentioned the voting algorithm, the first thought is the internal links layout voting and external links recommended to vote, but the voting algorithm is only limited to this!? it is not comprehensive.

search engine algorithm before we know a lot, especially for the website ranking optimization algorithm in the Dennis here is the high incidence of exposure source analysis. In the search engine algorithm many, directly affect the site ranking algorithm is the voting algorithm.

win voting score is not simply that your keywords in META tags can vote. The key is placed in the title of the content of a website, it will get the search engine to a certain extent score, though the contents in the corresponding match. Otherwise, only the title and keywords, in the long-term can not obtain the corresponding matching words, after a search engine search engine database update or adjustment, enter the keywords ranking immediately after 100, this is not conducive to long-term website ranking optimization.

second, we need to understand the web page voting score.

through the observed data, we can see, not to say that all keywords appear in the title in the ranking will be good. A good matching website ranking will certainly be affected, but it is only one. We also found that professional, according to the specific website ranking is also on the. This involves the professional website, to meet the needs of users, your site can be done much, but must do fine. In order for fixed users get good user station stickiness, get search engine page score voting.

Google search under the penguin inappropriate link building list

If you want to

if you suddenly raised the number of link building sites within a short period of time, the Google Penguin appears all this is a pile of garbage, not free from punishment.

Many other unrelated websites appeared on the website

keyword ranking, Shanghai dragon will usually put the main keywords and links to a page, a form of anchor text, such as the character signature used in the forums, for keywords ranking, this is an effective way, but for these links often can see dofollowed, Google included the signature in the link, it becomes an inbound link attraction, and therefore Google has become the goal of punishment on the illegal website.

link building, not only to set a specific link for each link, and ensure the quality of the link building to meet our needs. For example, post a link in a blog post, we must first ensure that news should be targeted, but also to ensure that the news content is valuable, this is a successful link building with content.

using a specific anchor text to create the site of inbound links, so that the operation is too artificial too frequently appears in Google, but if the use of a variety of forms such as: link through image links, links, broad match keywords or "click here" text, perhaps more can attract the attention of the user, and it is it has not violated the penalty clause in Google.

The success of the

3, in the site

site? There are evil neighbor

sidebar, this clearly was made to challenge Google.

website in the frequently updated algorithm is still in an invincible position, then the "improper" link should exist in your

In order to improve the

2, for a specific keyword set link



Google penguin, compared to the previous algorithm to update the webmaster confusion, it is mainly aimed at the site in the "non natural link", what is "non natural link"? Shanghai dragon industry with industry experience has been for the algorithm to update a list as "link feature list.


1, excessive acquisition link

original content source: 贵族宝贝 please keep the effective link address, thank you

2013 Shanghai dragon should understand these

Shanghai Longfeng community contacts

Spring Festival holiday has ended, thanks to an old age for everyone, more than the rest of bucket for half a month, finally come to work, excited, half a month to rest at home, I also think about some situation about fighting the Shanghai dragon, in 2012 the Shanghai dragon industry, more than that is relatively large bucket turbulence a year. Although more than a bucket novice rookie, but by intuition, I believe that the 2013 Shanghai dragon fight, only ranking industry is no longer so simple, all in the 2012 industry turmoil inspires us to break through to change.

system: WordPress, DEDECMS, template CMS, ShopEX, discuz

is more than a bucket can think of, not necessarily comprehensive, this knowledge will reach the point of fighting, more than that is not difficult, in addition to other skills, such as the Shanghai dragon, analyze data, make optimization scheme and so on these talks on the net is more, more than fighting to stop drilling.

software: Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Excel, Word

so, 2013, continue to adhere to the Shanghai dragon do we need to learn what

Code: HTML, Javascript, DIV+CSS, PHP code, ASP

?Shanghai dragon

network is not only suitable for Shanghai dragon, Yu Dou believe any industry needs the strong network support, network is the interpersonal relationship embodies people’s popularity, social relations. Many people think that people often used for political or commercial areas, but in fact, no matter what the industry, everyone will use the network. Shanghai Longfeng industry contacts, more than that bucket connections in the powerful Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon market through what we get? How visibility started? How to get the optimal order? These problems after you have powerful connections is very simple, all of which are needed to support your excellent technical advice, just join the rookie to see more local forum and Shanghai Longfeng well-known forum, with a high degree of active Shanghai dragon QQ group, participate in activities related to the performance of their own, let everybody.


basic skills


many people see this may laugh: Shanghai dragon also need skills? It is post sub top post, do false original? More than bucket tell you, no! It was behind the Shanghai dragon skills, before 2012, Shanghai dragon may only need to master these can do a good job, but in 2013, the is the introductory skills, if you really want to do a good job in Shanghai Longfeng, you need to know more of the Shanghai dragon skills, these skills do not require you to master, but to understand, at least to see, will be the basic application:

After the 2012 Shanghai dragon world what happened

in 2013, the most obvious feeling is that a lot of Shanghai Longfeng chain is not good, generally included a lot worse than before. Many people even give up the construction of the chain optimization, focus on the station. Many of them reflect the chain of time in the forum, as long as the link appears, it cannot be love Shanghai included, only on the signature inside. In fact, the second half of 2012, as long as the spearhead is love Shanghai update to clean up the garbage outside the chain, a lot of foreign chain to raise the threshold. Compared with the traditional blog, forum, classification of information chain chain is popular, now mainstream fashion seems has undergone great changes, the most obvious is to pay for the chain growth, especially the news source. Now the Shanghai dragon nearly every day to the promotion of soft outside the chain of traditional news, classified information website also provides a number of high-quality pay chain service. This let the free known Shanghai Longfeng increased cost. The chain chain structure of news source of some popular industries such as medical sites in even accounted for 90%.

in the chain is the biggest change in the news source, also has a big change, is more clean than before in. The medical industry, just open a medical website now, will find the contents will be more concise, readable and relatively strong, independent content decreased obviously, independent within the chain is also reduced, the content of the text basically can keep clean. The future direction of development, website content is still the most basic evaluation index, optimization of the excessive phenomenon will be less and less. This is not what it is worth reminding. >

this change, can not be said to be a kind of progress, but there is a suspicion of chaos. Because this is not essentially a kind of optimization, but a kind of crazy marketing. This hurt the interests of many grassroots Shanghai dragon, who have the money to throw money to buy the news source, then hire a group of people bombarded the popular keyword. As long as the news source weight is high enough, you can basically even the second row to the first page, so will take some to do the optimization of the web site of a sudden squeeze down, this is very unfair to the grassroots, Shanghai dragon. This phenomenon is currently popular in the medical industry is most common, many well-known medical institutions to take the news source of the ride, tightly stuck in the front pages. I think this is the user does not want to see, in the moral level, love Shanghai should also strengthen supervision in this regard.


in Shanghai’s annual meeting, Robin Li summed up the 2012 love Shanghai’s performance, said 2012 was the most difficult year love Shanghai. In fact, if you want to depend on the love of the vast Shanghai Shanghai dragon, 2012 is Shanghai dragon are the most the most difficult year. In 2012 the search market is really too much turmoil, 2012 love Shanghai is subject to changing moods get the majority of Shanghai, dragon sisters.

then, after 2012 Shanghai love to what happened in Shanghai dragon? Put forward how requirements for the future of Shanghai dragon

At the beginning of the campus, what is the reason for me in Shanghai dragon


Shanghai Longfeng for search engine optimization. Search engine optimization is a method to improve the website in the relevant search engine within the natural ranking of the current way of using search engine rules. Objective to understand the Shanghai dragon is to provide ecological type of self marketing solutions for the site, let site occupies a leading position in the industry, so as to obtain brand earnings. Although not completely understand the concept of it, but the general know its meaning. This is my initial understanding of the Shanghai dragon. < >

a chance, my classmates and I went to speed Internet interview. Fortunately we had the interview was a success, but she was assigned to other departments, not a few days left. But I think, should insist on it, just enter the society will certainly encounter bad things, will also have a lot of difficulties and troubles, but as long as you hold on, will be solved, and we must know many things, broaden their horizons. So I settled down, continue doing clerical work. The human resources manager later said to me the optimization. Let me learn more about some things, broaden their horizons.

The first Shanghai dragon

last year this summer just out of the campus to the society but also nothing, but a beautiful dream, hope the community can bring you some different feelings. That graduation means unemployment, listening, thinking, can not be reconciled, but also worried about. Worried about their own future, I can have a job you love, can gain a foothold in this society, whether we can make some contribution to the family. Although there are many problems, but as long as seriously, slowly, everything will be past.

?The Chinese translation of the full name of Search Engine Optimization

but to tell the truth, I really do not understand what the most basic, do not understand, but as the company’s employees, should also obey the decision of the company, and also crustily skin of head into the optimization. However, a really really do not understand, what is the Shanghai dragon, what is what to do?? but at the same time to see other working there, feel envy, but also ashamed, embarrassed, after all, what also do not understand. But since come, must start from the most basic, also want to know from the beginning of the most basic, it is what begin from Shanghai dragon.

I think about Shanghai Longfeng or from Shanghai Longfeng began WHY, love this forum very much, because he did not have any concept of Shanghai dragon, only through the search to know is what? Why? What do

is not highly educated, good diploma, hard evidence, but still can not stop trying to learn to work the faith. With accounting resume, ask a few companies, also interviewed a few, but still feel what shortcomings, is not what you want, but don’t know what they really want, just want to start with a satisfying place.

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