Who will pay for your failure

since it is a business there will be success and failure of points, then we failed to do poineering work? Why do we fail? Is there anyone who pays for our entrepreneurial failure? This series of problems are entrepreneurs in a pimple.

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How to face the competition of the snack bar

peer competition, this is not a new thing, in any of the current industry will naturally encounter. In short, all the people who have done business investment, the situation of peer competition must not unfamiliar, in fact, there are competition in all walks of life, so in the snack industry,Read More

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Who will pay for your failure

since it is a business there will be success and failure of points, then we failed to do poineering work? Why do we fail? Is there anyone who pays for our entrepreneurial failure? This series of problems are entrepreneurs in a pimple.

but I still can not get the venture investors, and there is no new customers come in. In the end, I ran out of my savings and had to go back to earning a living, even though my family was faced with a lot of economic problems and had to make ends meet for months.

and I often ask yourself these questions:

·   you can solve the problem, the user will pay for it?

·   how many people have similar problems, how can you find them?

·   how long does it take to solve this problem, how much does it cost?

don’t visit this digital blind, only turnover is meaningful. Do not use advertising model. A user is willing to pay the product is the most critical.

so entrepreneurship is worth admiring things, but the failure of this society is that no one will pay for you, you need to pick up the business situation, so in this way, may be a gamble, but had to go.


How to face the competition of the snack bar

peer competition, this is not a new thing, in any of the current industry will naturally encounter. In short, all the people who have done business investment, the situation of peer competition must not unfamiliar, in fact, there are competition in all walks of life, so in the snack industry, fierce competition is commonplace.

although everyone is looking forward to be able to stand out in an industry, but a shop would like to always be successful in an industry alone is not easy. In any case, but also to adjust the mentality of their peers, take appropriate measures in time, so as to better control the market.

face the winning point of competition is mentality

opened a snack bar, if your shop just opened soon, in the vicinity of your shop on the emergence of the same kind of snack bar, how should you respond?

actually encountered these conditions do not need to panic, to relax the mind, with the rapid development of the industry, the investment threshold is on the decline, investors naturally growing, so this situation is that we have to face.

in the face of this situation, investors need to focus on how to improve themselves, rather than attack others. In the face of competition, we should think more, see more and learn more. Would like to think is how to strengthen their own advantages, is to look at other people’s business highlights, and learning is to learn the strengths of others to strengthen their own, the only way to make business more long-term.

to do the enemy in the face of competition problem

competition is not terrible, after all, has become a normal market development. However, many people in the face of competition, but it is not understood. In short, as long as it is about competition, the enemy, know yourself the truth is very suitable. To cope with regional competition, the product is often the store to maintain long-term competitive advantage, because all aspects of the product, such as species, taste, quality and so on, these are the core of the investigation. So in terms of products, as long as the basis to meet the needs of consumers on the basis of stocking, then you can enhance store turnover, lay the foundation for the subsequent discovery of the store.

What is the specific process of running a hotel

now say the name Minsishiweitian, especially now people’s living standard improves, the demand for delicacy also increased, the catering industry, hotel business began to hot up, then the operation of a small hotel now, should be how to operate?


Business management:

Hotel still need to have good food, in order to allow more consumers to become a regular hotel. Whether it is the cook in the kitchen, or the front office staff, must be skilled movements are fast, in order to meet the customers come to eat, eating away the demand. Fast food shop staff to clear division of labor, but also with each other, so as to achieve the overall fast results. Fast food shop, furniture, tableware, Kitchenware and so be diligent in cleaning staff, but also pay attention to personal hygiene, in short to keep the image of fast-food restaurants clean and comfortable.

How to investigate the sustainability of the project

how to be able to choose a suitable entrepreneurial projects, we need to consider from a number of aspects, so as to really have a good business opportunity. For investors, not easy to choose a project, certainly hope to be able to compare long time business, to bring their own benefits, therefore, investors also need to examine the sustainability of the project operation,

content includes:

1, the operation of the project is standardized, including the code of conduct and regulations.

code of conduct: whether there is a unified internal and external signs, the flow of the process is standardized, the process is standardized, the service process is standardized, etc.. Whether to join the unified standardized training, training time, training project, party not to provide a unified operation manual, service manual, manual management, training manuals, code compilation is standard, whether feasible, is easy to perform, if not confusing.

2, to escort, distribution equipment is complete, is advanced, whether there is a unified distribution center, how the quality of personnel management, distribution, distribution center can timely response to franchisee requirements, distribution of raw materials is often scarce, the price is reasonable, whether the distribution is constantly changing.

some projects at a small fee, the profits are all placed in the late distribution of materials, this is normal, but with investors more and more investment, has been unable to get away easily, the project price in the random distribution of raw materials, the price is more and more high, a more demanding, so that the franchisee produced blackmail feeling. Therefore, it is necessary to make clear the distribution price with the project party, and to prepare the contract for the various possible situations and possible treatment, the possible loss and the claim.

there is a project side does not give you the distribution, you need the raw material is easy to find yourself, then, for such projects must be vigilant. This shows that the threshold of this project is very low, the possibility of being busy at the end of the big, may have to face the situation of competition flooding. Generally such projects, the lack of sustainable development potential.

any one of the investors can not stand the efforts of their own hard work, just to get a little success, but because the project is not sustainable, resulting in their early efforts were all in vain. So, if you want to choose a suitable entrepreneurial projects, sustainability is a lack of research content.

Jewelry store operators should improve service

jewelry store operators need to improve the store service, if you want to tap more profitable space, choose a good customer service is an effective way. If you do not know how to do a good job with the service work together with Xiaobian to learn about it, I hope you can take a good grasp, can not be missed.

to enter the shop customers, jewelry shop should give consumers relaxed mood, reduce the pressure on them; you can put some Buddhist music to them, the wall can be posted some "Buddha also speak with Yan, should pay attention to your physical appearance" such relaxed mood. There is no consumer demand for these customers, jewelry store employees can not ignore them, the consumption of the sometimes more depends on the level of service.

first is beyond customer expectations. Customers always think jewelry does not belong to them, but when she stepped into the shop at the moment, she was attracted to the store, shopping guide can also guide them to spend.

second is to respect the customer. Thinking can not be fixed, to jump out of the original thinking environment. In the customer base to have many wishes, there are many born in rich family, there are a lot of customers are open-minded, uninhibited behavior. They also have the desire to consume, spending power, it is likely to have the possibility of consumption.

third is always customer centric. From the customer into the store, she was regarded as the store’s guests, in time to give her water, timely response to her problems, solve her problems in a timely manner, which will make her feel at home.

Jewelry Stores operators should grasp the service link, if consumers are not satisfied with the service of the shop that had a direct negative impact on the store business, so the above suggestions for each shop business can be a good look, I hope you can learn.

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Eight ways to open the door window shop to sell high prices

Home Furnishing in today’s life, the door is an important element, it acts as a protector of the people Home Furnishing life, and now runs the doors and windows of the company more and more, want win in the fierce competition in the market, you need to use your head.

1, the use of the value of the product itself

can only sell 800 yuan

if you will just be a regular door, on the general store, with ordinary sales methods, perhaps it can only sell 800 yuan of money, may also encounter a shop next door to the boss cut strokes off the dark strokes, this is not a tragic ending value innovation.

2, the cultural value of selling products

can sell 1000 yuan

if you design it as the latest fashion door this year, can sell 1000 yuan. The next shop proprietress old style door cut strokes off the dark strokes estimation can’t make, because your door is one of the most popular models, at the latest model, consumers are willing to pay more, this is the product of the value of innovative design.

3, the brand value of the product to sell

will be able to sell 2400 yuan

4, the combined value of selling products

sold 9000 yuan

if you will fit into the three door door to sell, all made of exquisite shape, combined into a bedroom suite, 1000, 3000, 6000, the name of "family", a bedroom door, a door, and a sliding door, selling 20000 yuan a group of no problem. Although the owner of the shop next door only sell 1000 yuan / one, but his wife will say to her husband: "we go to buy a set of ‘bedroom warm and exquisite suit’ door is good to see this set of doors, with a door, the top recommended

Open shop should choose what kind of project

is now a lot of people think open shop to make money, so have to enter into this industry, but now the industry competition is fierce, if you don’t make a right choice, it is likely to fail in the end, then open the shop should choose what kind of project?

involved e-commerce entrepreneurs is best to choose some "short, flat, fast" project, so easy to use, easy to make money." Li Chao, Yiwu Institute of business and entrepreneurship incubation base entrepreneurial students, was hailed as the business by the lecturer, although open shop in the class is not too early, but the business done quite well. Yesterday, he summed up his entrepreneurial experience, to share with you.

"taobao.com early start, the main work is familiar with the operation methods and operating skills, spend a lot of time and energy, this period is the key to increase the credibility of value. With the continuous improvement of the level of credibility, the store is constantly sum up thinking, timely detection of problems." Li Chao in the shop before the credibility of the value of a crown, the main business of creative home, to supply platform based products, trading volume steadily. Rose to a crown, he found that no matter how hard, the daily trading volume is difficult to have a greater improvement, and began to think about the need for transformation and upgrading.

"each trade platform has its operation rules, scientific and rational use of the rules is the key to victory." Li Chao believes that in order to improve store popularity, way to set reasonable, let the customer search to "shop", can through continuous optimization of search keywords, use of the train, the target market segments, update the shop decoration to attract customers."

"supplier of the first lot of friends, especially.

8 points of entrepreneurial success

who do not want to embark on the road of entrepreneurship, so that the cause of success in the shortest possible time? In reality, however, many things have become a constraint factor. According to the successful experience of the following small summary, to introduce a few quick success tips!

A, to other companies to learn.

if there is a chance to other companies (whether the total management of large company or small company) service, should carefully observe the boss’s business strengths, your business will be of great benefit.

two, hire competent staff.

Some bosses fear

three, often with entrepreneurial experience who dinner.

Practical experience in

four, the use of audio-visual equipment to increase knowledge management.

as on television about business management programs should be tuned to watch or try to record the time when; in addition, there are some recording tape management course, listen to the use of idle or driving, there must be a return.

five, broaden the sources of information.

six, using the wisdom of suppliers.

seven, listen to the complaints and praise of customers.

eight, continue to find problems.

This is only

How to manage cooked food franchise

once a brand bigger and stronger, great reputation, for their own development, nature will go to join the road, so the number of stores is increasing, how to manage these shops, plays a very important role in the development of the entire brand, it should be how to manage? Let Xiaobian to your analysis.

A, food stores management to explain

their past in the line of work experience, their food stores products grasp and sales market understanding summed up the effective experience, timely and subordinate by the line of communication, if you experience the great help to subordinates to complete the sales performance, the underlings will acknowledge your level.

two, food stores managers to teach

three, Lo stores managers can humbly ask


Jiangxi officially published in the University of innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Series

is a positive response to innovation and entrepreneurship, the day before the official publication of the Jiangxi university entrepreneurship education textbook series, to cultivate and inspire the innovation of college students "awareness of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial ability.

is the first public textbook consists of three volumes, more than 120 words, namely "College Students’ innovation and entrepreneurship foundation" (for College), "College Students’ innovation and entrepreneurship foundation" (applicable to higher vocational colleges) and college students’ innovation and entrepreneurship "classic case tutorial". Adhere to the teaching materials for the province’s colleges and universities, for all professional, for all students orientation, to cultivate and stimulate students’ innovation and entrepreneurship awareness and innovation ability as the goal, focus on the latest achievements reflect domestic and foreign innovation and entrepreneurship education theory research and practice development, the latest case and mining at home and abroad of innovation and entrepreneurship education model, core concept, well-known figures, typical events and other aspects, respond well to the teachers and students in Colleges and universities of "scientific, advanced and applicable" characteristics of innovation and entrepreneurship teaching needs and expectations.

this set of teaching materials from planning, research, to promote the official publication, which lasted nearly a year, the cohesion of the province’s 97 colleges and universities, more than 100 experts and scholars of wisdom and strength. According to the Commission Office arrangements, from the beginning of June 2015, the provincial education department inspector Zhou Jintang Professor, researcher led the working group of higher education, college graduates employment office, Jiangxi University Press and other relevant units to participate in the meeting, has more than 30 undergraduate and vocational colleges field research, held a forum of experts will determine the construction of public textbooks and the school-based textbooks combining general textbooks and teaching materials, teaching materials and complementary theory of case teaching integrates multiple teaching system "and" double "teaching material construction ideas. From the beginning of August 2015, the expert group after repeated demonstration, five drafts the textbook outline, and more than six months after the division of the writing, closed centralized release, compiled and published this 2016 spring public trial version textbooks.

Jiangxi is the first province in the first batch of University Entrepreneurship Education in the country launched a series of textbooks, actively respond to the wave of reform and innovation, will deepen the innovation and entrepreneurship education in Colleges and universities, but also provide strong guidance for the innovation of the province, students.

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